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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas 2017

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas 2017

Yes, times are a-changing! As you may know, Mood closed for the whole of November this year just to give most of our hard-working staff a refreshing break after such a gloriously hectic summer and to decorate for our Winter Wonderland theme for Christmas right through to spring. Even so, our dedicated team continued to respond to enquiries even while on holiday – that’s how much they love you - so a big pat on the back and oodles of thanks from me.

Everyone at Mood has been so supportive while hubby and I have been in the UK, mainly for him to receive some groundbreaking specialist treatment mixed with the traditional ones. I can report that it seems we might be winning the battle with the big C, terminal we were told in June 2016. Only time will tell of course, but the signs are very promising that he could make a full recovery so trying to stay cautiously optimistic (secretly thinking woohoo!!).

December is always a mixed month for Mood with a sprinkle of quiet days interspersed with busy days of work, friends and office parties (which is how we love it best) taking full advantage of an atmospheric Mood and a menu experience (3 three-course menus to choose from) that’s so good and at such an incredible price – 29€!

Plans for 2018 include closing after the New Year party season calms and looking forward to seeing many of our overseas visitors enjoying a get-together with their friends and families living in our beautiful island. So we will be working on our usual maintenance during most of January and into the first week of February then it will be all systems go as Mood bursts into life on Friday 9th 2018, just in time for a great weekend with all the usual fantastic things a Mood weekend brings – menus del día for 22€, Friday night salsa, through to our famous Sunday lunch party and the added bonus of the most romantic, candlelit St Valentine’s night on Wednesday 14th – guaranteed to get everyone in THE MOOD!

And on that note, I bid you all a most exceptional Christmas and New Year and see you all again in December!

Yours, as always,

Margaret x


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